Don’t Get Hungry

Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry

Do you count yourself among one of the people that go all day without eating only to eat once you are relaxed and done for the night? Or you are one of those who tend to try to have 3 meals a day totally forgetting your hunger pangs between them? Both these traits are not good for you.

When you go all day without eating anything, your body is using up the reserves to keep you going, but it will not necessarily help you to burn your excessive fat. I know some people who have such hectic schedules running from one meeting to another that they don’t have any time to eat. Sometimes it becomes really difficult for the working class to maintain a healthy diet.

If not eating, blood sugar counts bounce around, energy levels falls. Your mood swings as the day goes by. Once you do eat, you eat whatever is most available. I remember the bags of chips or cookies helped me to ward off hunger pains and also made me feel better. It helped me to raise my blood sugar levels and also increase my energy. I would still feel hungry but be would be in a position to wait a bit longer for the meal to be served.

If you are dieting, trying to burn your excessive fat, you should not add a snack in between meals. Figuring the less I eat the more weight I will be able to loose. At times I tend to grab whatever is handy to eat. My hubby stops to snack, while driving home from work if he gets hungry. What he gets is full of calories and fat. If he had a simple light snack between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, he would have been able to drive past that fast food drive thru. He would then be comfortable to eat a nutritious meal sans the fat and calories. This could help him burn the fat he is looking to burn.

Letting yourself get hungry will lead to diet failure. It’s just as bad as starving yourself. Pick out some items that are fit for you to eat. Some of the diet snack bars may not be too bad. Read the labels first to see how loaded they are with sodium. Pretzels are quite healthy for you. You can safely keep them in your glove box of your car for that ride home. Eating nuts is good too. Especially English Walnuts. They give you omega 3 fatty acids that are healthy and can also help you burn fat. There are also a lot of packaged dried fruits you can choose from to carry in your car. Or keep in your office drawer for those mid morning/afternoon snacks.

When you are at home, keep a supply of fresh fruits like grapes, apples, or salad making materials around. A salad is always a healthy alternative as long as you don’t overload it with the fattening stuff. Go in for just a basic salad with lettuce, maybe some diced carrots or broccoli, and a tad of cheese topped with your favorite salad dressing. Using one with olive oil is great, but believe me, I have my favorites. It is not advisable to use the low fat or non fat ones. They have hidden ingredients in them that actually may cause you to add weight. That will be discussed in another article.

If you are trying to burn fat, remember, you still need to eat.