Popcorners White Cheddar

The new shape of popcorn ® Delicious, all-natural & gluten-free, Popcorners ® are the perfect healthy, salty snack. Made of popped corn. Food Type: Snack; Flavor: White Cheddar;

White Cheddar 1.1oz.
Nutritional Facts
 > gluten free
 > 0 grams of trans fat
White Cheddar - Creamy Smooth - PopcornersSmooth and creamy with subtle tangy notes of that signature cheddar “bite” to make your taste-buds tango. You’re tasting artisanal cheddar crafted to complement — not clobber — our signature popcorn taste.
INGREDIENTS: Enriched Yellow Corn (Yellow Corn, Niacin, Iron, Thiamine Mononitrate, Cheddar Cheese Flavor (Whey, reduced lactose whey, maltodextrin, Cheddar and Blue Cheeses (cultured milk, salt, and enzymes), canola oil, salt, disodium phosphate, citric acid, lactic acid).Contains dairy ingredients. May contain Soy Ingredients