SOYJOY Mango Coconut

All Natural Nutrition SOYJOY

All Natural SOYJOY Mango Coconut

Are your taste buds up for a tropical island adventure? Mango Coconut SOYJOY is as tropical as it gets, baked with real mango and coconut together with ground whole soybeans. From surfing to sunbathing, it’s the perfect, healthy snack for whatever the tide brings your way.


Ground Whole Soybeans, Raisin, Butter (from milk), Sugar, Dried Coconut, Egg, Maltodextrin (natural fiber source), Dried Papaya, Dried Mango, Dried Pineapple, Natural Flavors, Salt.

140 Calories, 4g of Protein, 3g of Fiber No trans fat or hydrogenated oils. No artificial Colors, Flavors, Hydrogenated Oils, or Gluten.