Tazo Tea’s

Tazo Tea was founded in 1994 by Steve Smith, Stephen Lee and Tom Mesher, but has been owned By Starbucks Corporation since 1999.

By carefully selecting prime quality black and green tea leaves from the top tea producing regions around the world, brewing it to perfection and blending it with fine fruits and herbs, Tazo was able to concoct a new blend of tea. Tazo Teas have distinct taste and blend that surely gives charm to new age tea drinking.

Tazo Teas have a broad tea drink line up that will delight any tea enthusiast. Each broad leaves, filter bag, tea latte and iced tea varieties are available in green tea, black tea and herbal infusion categories.

Tazo Iced Teas are available in 13.8 Fl. Oz. Glass bottles. The black tea variety comes in Organic Iced Tea, Tea Lemonade, Tazoberry, Mango and Iced Tea with Lemon flavors. The green tea variety comes in Organic Iced Green Tea, Giant Peach, Plum Delicious, Lemon Green and Passion Potion flavors. While the hebal infusion variety is available in Lemon Ginger, Simply Red, Bramble Berry and Wild Orange flavors. Some flavors even come in diet versions, so there is definitely a perfect Tazo tea drink for everyone.